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Hawk 2022 UAV contest

Karen Vardanyan Educational Foundation and the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises are jointly organizing the 2nd annual “Hawk” UAV Competition on September 10 and 11, 2022.

The aim of the Competition is to offer solutions in emergency situations through UAVs by participating teams to increase the effectiveness of rescue operations. The Competition will be held in three levels of nominations: schoolchildren, amateur groups and start-up companies, and specialized companies.

There are three Competition nominations:

– Orientation in the area, detection of items (objects) and distinction,

– Cargo delivery,

– Dispersion of liquid substances. Each task will be divided according to complexity:

· Simple – for schoolchildren

· Medium – for amateur groups and start-up companies

· Complex – for specialized companies․

Solving the above problems can significantly improve the efficiency of the rescuer and first responder. In 2022, 106 applications were submitted, of which 6 were specialized, 11 were amateur or start-up companies, and 89 were school teams.

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