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Pioneer of Armenian High-Tech

Karen Vardanyan

Karen Vardanyan is a leading pioneer of the Armenian High-tech, from 2007 to 2020 he was the Chief Executive Officer of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE), the biggest business union, and then the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE).
Karen Vardanyan was born on November 30, 1963. In 1986 he graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute as a hydraulic engineer. In 2009 he took a course at the Kennedy School of Management at Harvard University in the United States.
From the first days of the Artsakh movement, Karen Vardanyan was engaged in active social and political activities. In June 1988, together with like-minded peoples, he founded the “CONSTITUTIONAL LAW UNION’’ party of Armenia. He was always elected to the party’s governing council as the person in charge of foreign relations.
On his initiative and with his active participation, the decision-making process on the reunification of Artsakh, the declaration of Armenia’s independence and a number of other historic decisions were organized and implemented.
In 2002-2005, Karen Vardanyan worked as a deputy director at the Enterprise Incubator Foundation. In the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Republic of Armenia, he headed the Department of Information Technology Development. Since 2007 he has been the Executive Director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises of Armenia, and then, since 2019, the Union of Advanced Technology Enterprises (UATE).
During his 25 years of organizing events on an international scale, Karen Vardanyan has initiated and implemented a number of programs, such as the World Conference on Information Technology (WCIT2019), the annual DigiTec Exhibition, Business Innovation Forum, Digitec Business Forum, Robotex Armenia Robotics Competition, UAV competition, the Open Game game design competition, the mobilization program after the April war, the technological education courses for the demobilized soldiers (“Army to IT”), the ArmRobotics program to support the development of robotics in Armenia, etc.
Karen Vardanyan is the author of 7 patented inventions.
Karen Vardanyan authored and implemented the project of Armath Engineering Laboratories, as well as made a great contribution to the creation of a number of information technology projects and strategic programs for the development of the technological sphere of Armenia.
He was involved in large-scale projects aimed at developing new startups and formulating an ecosystem, development of engineering services, high-tech services and promotion of the military industry.

The highest motivation in the world is the motivation of service.

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    Friends about Karen Vardanyan

    Hrant Khachatryan

    Garegin Khumaryan

    Hovhannes Avoyan

    Yvonne Chiu

    Muriel Mirak

    Tatevik Revazyan

    Aram Karapetyan

    Hrant Khachatryan


    Armenian Politician, Deputy of the Supreme Council of Armenia (1990), 2-3 convocations of the National Assembly of Armenia.


    Armenian IT owes to WiFi or how Karen Vardanyan went to Andranik Margaryan  

    July 12, 2020

    It was the beginning of Andranik Margaryan's prime ministership ․

    One day Karen said ․

    "Can you call the Prime Minister, please?"

    - I will arrange, you go, I do not like to communicate closely with the executive power.

    "We should go together, your presence is important."

    - Well, Karen, during Navasardyan's time you communicated with him more than me in the Artsakh Committee.

    - No, this is another question.


    Let's go. He put a folder on the Prime Minister's desk and started talking about the spread of WiFi technologies and networks. Then he said that Margaryan should liberalize the range of those frequencies.

    - Karen dear, that range since the Soviet Union times belongs to the KGB /Committee for State Security/ and NVD /Ministry of the Internal Affairs/. Do you know what noise they will make?

    Karen continued to substantiate that Georgia, Turkey and many countries in the region have already been liberalized and we will fall behind unnecessarily.

    Margaryan turned to me ․

    - Hrant, dear, what does our friend want from me?

    I answered ․

    "I'm on his side." I said that we graduated in Cybernetics together and you have no way out.

    - Well, dear Karen, I will think about it.


    "There is no time to think." In a year and a half, life will force you to liberalize, but we will be too late.

    The Prime Minister sank helplessly into the depths of the armchair, looked at Karen with a pitying look and said sincerely ․

    - Karen dear, let the life make me this one, then I will do that.

    The two of us looked at Andranik dissatisfied.

    The Prime Minister wiped his sweaty forehead, joined one of the ministers with the selector and told him to host Karen.

    Shortly afterwards, I heard that a new IT department had been opened at the Ministry of Economy and that Karen had been appointed head of the department.

    Some more time passed. Karen came to say that you should go to Margaryan again. I said I would not go alone. He confessed that he was leaving the Ministry and I alone could report the news so that he would not be offended by us. I said, "What hinders the position?" He answered that the position was needed to declare IT a priority sector of the country's economy. And there is nothing else to do. He resigned in order to organize the sphere with the private sector.

    I met and let him know about it ․

    - Karen, I have already said that a deputy minister should be vacated for Karen. Then a good minister would work. Then you say we do not give opportunity to the professionals. What am I going to do now? ․․․ The Prime Minister gave a monologue.

    The last two thoughts were addressed to me as well.

    I had to convey everything Karen said with my sweet comments to Margaryan, at least to part with a draw.

    So Armenian IT owes to WiFi.

    Garegin Khumaryan


    Executive Director at Public Radio Of Armenia




    July 10, 2020

    Karen Vardanyan loved ‘’Vishapakar’’ (dragon stone) very much. He was a ‘’Vishapakar’’ (dragon stone), as old and heavy as life and death, so he easily carried both of them!

    Laughing loudly (like Karen) through the buzzing of the grandfather's hives, the smell of his mother's hands, the breath of the first girl in his arms ... to heat.

    Through the buzz of the grandfather's hives, the smell of his mother's hands, the first girl in his arms, he bursts out laughing and flees to his dragon paradise, where the alpine meadow will dig a hole under the weight of the rock, cut itself in half, and the snails and lizards will rise.

    Anyone who has seen Karen lying on the green of the mountain, with his feet on his feet, his hands under his head, the grass in his mouth, will understand what I am saying.

    It is always Solak in Karen's paradise, in May and at half past 12 o'clock, so that the sun is below 90 degrees, so that when you lie on the grass, the sun is not in your eyes, you can see with your eyelids.

    Hovhannes Avoyan


    Co-founder and CEO at Picsart



    I thought for a long time about what would make my dear, optimistic, cheerful, innovative friend who was very devoted to Armenia happy. Nothing can ease the pain of us all.

    In memory of our Karen's huge contribution to the IT sector, I decided to establish a Karen Vardanyan Scholarship. The scholarship will be provided to some of the promising graduates of the Armath program initiated by Karen to receive higher education. I'm sure this is exactly what Karen would like. I urge other companies to join our initiative, thus giving more children the opportunity to receive higher education. Dear Karen, you will always remain in our souls and hearts.

    Rest in peace my good friend.

    Yvonne Chiu


    World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance, Chariman



    “I cannot adequately express my heartfelt sadness in hearing of the passing of our great friend and colleague Karen Vardanyan. My sincerest and deepest condolences go out to Karen’s family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. As executive director of UATE, Vardanyan was considered the ‘Father of Technology Industry in Armenia.’ His dedication to his country, the ICT industry and especially the youth was inspiring, indelible and will be greatly missed.”

    ‘’WITSA was very proud to have bestowed upon Karen, in 2019, its highest and most prestigious award, WITSA’s Eminent Persons Award. The award is bestowed on individuals who make a significant contribution to mankind. His name will go down in history with other luminary recipients. Vardanyan was a great man and a great, gentle person. He will be sorely missed.”

    Muriel Mirak


    Weissbach, journalist and writer




    Karen had a very clear, ambitious vision. To reestablish tech industry in Armenia at the highest level, it would be necessary not just to educate a small number of specialists, but to spread the IT culture throughout the country. The clubs in schools were the vehicles for this educational process. He wanted to forge an alliance of industry with education, whereby companies would support programs in schools and also train students in their enterprises. “One company, one school,” was the slogan, and during our 2014 visit, he estimated that there were about 500 such small and medium-sized companies in Armenia; his hope was that that number would increase to 1,400 by 2018, and that he would be able to match them up with schools. Eventually, he aimed at reaching every school in the country.

    Tatevik Revazian


    Former Director General of Civil Aviation Committee at Government of the Republic of Armenia


    Dear Karen,
    I just can not believe the fact that we had our last conversation.
    You have been one of the greatest sources of inspiration in my life. Your stories about telling me how you built the IT sector in Armenia have had a huge impact on me. Your stories have taught me to understand how a few dedicated people can change an entire field. You taught me how to achieve great goals with few resources, a bright imagination and a creative mind. You showed me how to love Armenia without preconditions. You opened my eyes to see the wonderful abilities that our children have in the most remote villages of Armenia. You have never doubted me, you have never doubted the strength of the youth. You have always found time to meet and share your knowledge.
    Now we are one of the lucky people who have a great honor to know you, a great commitment to continue your work. Our little Montea will also grow up remembering the great work you left behind and being educated by it.

    Aram Karapetyan


    Armenian politician.



    Karen Vardanyan ... A man whose entire life was about struggle ... For a united Armenia, for development, for the truth ... For life ... And, no matter how hard it was to fight with the ignorant, he was not broken, always remained the same ... Rest in Peace, our good and beloved Friend CONDOLENCES ...